Cycle your way to weight loss

, owais

A new study has shown that daily cyclists in cities experience more weight loss than their less active counterparts. Conducted by the Hasselt University in Belgium and Imperial College London, the study also showed that cyclists have the lowest BMI while car drivers have the highest.

With increasing concerns about air pollution and global warming, many urban commuters have been turning to greener options to get around the city. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular due to its environment-friendly nature, along with added health benefits. Cycling regularly can prevent you from gaining additional weight and keep the calorie count in check. Along with preventing weight accumulation, cyclists are also under lesser risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, or diabetes. Daily cycling is an excellent way of cardiovascular conditioning, along with building muscles and burning calories.

The benefits are multifold. Cycling is not just a boring exercise activity, it is an enjoyable ride with novelty still in place. It is also gentle on the joints, and hence the choice of exercise for patients of arthritis and similar illnesses. By making cycling a part of your commute, it can fit seamlessly into your life while fulfilling your daily exercise quota. You can also enjoy the outdoors, feel the wind and the sun, all while shedding those extra pesky pounds!

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