4 Common Myths about Work-out Nutrition

, Good Health Nutrition

Among the different segments under sports and working out, pseudoscience and myths flourish the most in the field of nutrition. Often understood and practised without any scientific proof or backing, diet and nutrition pitfalls are found everywhere. Here are 4 common sports-nutrition myths you need to stop believing in:

Heavy Protein Post-Workout
While building and keeping your muscles on require heavy doses of protein, carbohydrates are more important in providing energy before and after a workout. Your protein intake should ideally be around 15-25g at every meal spread throughout the day.

Carb-heavy Pre-Workout diet
Overloading on the carbohydrates pre-workout will not turn you into a power-driven machine, it will instead spike blood sugar levels, causing lethargy afterwards. Including a healthy dose of protein will help in maintaining energy and blood sugar levels.

Energy drinks as fuel
Most energy drinks in the market have high amounts of sugar and caffeine, which cause increased heart rate, dehydration and a feeling of nervous tension. Instead switch to a healthier sports drink, which contains lesser amount of sugar and stimulants.

Forgetting to snack within 30 minutes
Exercise depletes blood sugar levels and causes exhaustion and dizziness, and snacking on carbohydrate-rich food within 30 minutes of finishing your workout is crucial for recovery. Some options for glycogen-containing snacks include granola bars, bananas and bagels.

Be sure to monitor your intake as well as output in terms of burning calories, working out and make sure you only get the best nutrition. Health will always be a priority for Good Health Nutrition.