Middle-age fitness to reduce heart disease risk

, Good Health Nutrition

A recent study has discovered that a regular fitness regimen during middle age can decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and depression.

While both issues are common occurrences in the 40-60 years age group, cardiovascular illness patients are also often suffering from depression, increasing the risk factor of their illness. The study conducted in psychiatry chronicled the health and behavioural data of 17,989 men and women, along with their work-out habits over a period of 38 years. The results clearly displayed a decrease in disease and depression correlated with an increase in middle-age fitness. Those in the highest fitness category were 16% less likely to get depression and 61% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular illness, compared to the subjects in the lowest fitness category. This was an important discovery, considering how heart disease patients are often advised to avoid exercise out of fear of triggering their condition. A sedentary lifestyle benefits none, and activity among the fit participants included simple acts like walking longer, gardening or dancing.

Moreover, fitter middle-aged subjects were found to have developed chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s and cancer much later in life compared to their less active counterparts. By exercising regularly and following an active lifestyle, one can effectively delay infirmity and compress the time spent debilitated in old age, resulting in a better quality of life.

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