How to deal with heartburn the natural way

, Good Health Nutrition

Heartburn is a highly unpleasant digestive condition that millions all over the world suffer from. While prescription medicine is available for a cure, many of these drugs have side effects which might be dangerous for long-term usage. Instead, here are some natural supplements to help keep your heartburn condition at check

Chewing Gum
Along with eliminating bad breath, sugar-free gum can alleviate heartburn by reducing acidity with the saliva produced. Chewing gum also means frequent swallowing, which keeps the bad acids from coming up the esophagus.

Known as a natural antacid, milk coats the stomach lining and lessens gastritis signs, controlling acid production. It is also heavy in calcium and other helpful nutrients.

Ginger is one of the oldest traditional remedies for digestion problems. A tablespoon of ginger juice and honey in warm water can work wonders for your digestion tract, curing indigestion and preventing acidity burn.

Carrot juice
Carrot juice is a great natural remedy for digestion issues if taken with spinach juice. Combining the two and regularly drinking in every morning can help in preventing gastritis issues on a long-term basis.

Aloe vera juice
While the soothing properties of aloe vera on the skin are well-known, it can also help soothe the insides of your body. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe juice can lessen the inflammation of your oesophagus and stomach significantly reducing heartburn possibilities.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known to be a popular antacid, believed to balance the pH by neutralizing stomach acid. For best results, consume a small amount diluted with water after your meal.

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