How to remain motivated for your workout routine

, Good Health Nutrition

Everybody wants a perfect summer body, but the toughest part includes motivating yourself to stick to your work-out routine without fail every single day. It is even harder if you have to push yourself out of bed early morning to achieve your goal. But fear not, here are five tips to help you stay motivated to exercise every day, without fail.

Set reasonable goals
If you are a couch potato, don’t set your goals the same as your long-distance marathon-running friend. Set reasonable goals for yourself so that you do not feel discouraged about not meeting them. Set your targets low in the beginning, easing your body into the routine. If you happen to miss a day, have a contingency plan workout in place too.

Do away with little annoyances
For an early morning exercise routine, it is harder to find your workout clothes and a pre-workout snack while bleary-eyed with reluctance and sleep. Sort out the little things before you go to bed so that you do not have any mental blockers or annoyances cluttering up your motivation. Keep your exercise gear, clothes and trainers ready the night before and have coffee if it helps.

Use an app to keep track
The internet is strife with apps to motivate and keep track of your progress. Set reminders and alarms with annoying ringtones, to make sure you get out of bed on Sundays. You can keep track of the calories consumed and calories burned with diet apps, and plan a variety of workout routines to swap around.

Set a cool playlist
Inspirational music and your favourite pop songs can go a long way in making your workout more enjoyable and regular. Studies have also shown that listening to music while exercising can increase your endurance by 15%. So turn up the volume!

Find like-minded friends
Achieving a fitness goal with a friend can make things more exciting and easy to look forward to. Find a like-minded friend and keep each other motivated to stick to the schedule. Surrounding yourself with positive-minded people can also uplift your spirits and help you stay motivated.

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